What is Padel?

What is padel?

Padel is the fastest growing sport in the Netherlands and great fun for players of all ages. Padel is a racket sport that is often referred to as a hybrid between tennis and squash. The combination of characteristics from both makes this a sport that always produces quick and exciting rallies. More and more traditional tennis and squash players are starting to take notice of the fun there is to be had in this flashy sport. Any racket sports fanatic will truly enjoy padel.

Padel is immensely popular in Spain and South America and is slowly developing a real following in the Netherlands as well where it has become a serious sport with a growing offering of competition and tournament options. The sport is always played between two doubles teams on a court that is surrounded by a glass wall and fencing. The sport is characterized by quick movements which make good reaction speed and great court vision essential.

Because this up-and-coming sport isn't known by everyone yet, we have put together an overview of the padel rules for you. On this site we also provide you with some background information regarding the history of the sport.

Padel rules of play

History of Padel