Parent and Child Tournament

Parent and Child Tournament

Saturday January 20th - 17:00-21:00h (5pm - 9pm)

Check out our Facebook album with great pictures from the Parent and Child Tournament on the 20th of January 2018

Facebook album

Will you join us along with your mom or dad on Saturday January 20th? You'll be participating in a fun tournament playing doubles matches against other Parent/Child couples. In order to participate you need to be able to play with a yellow (normal) tennis ball on a full court. Your level is not that important. Your mom or dad definitely doesn't have to be as awesome a tennis player as you are...;D. Each doubles team will play 3 matches of about 40 minutes.

Dinner at Amstelpark
The price for participation is € 15 per person. For an extra € 5 per person, you and your mom or dad can also enjoy dinner in the clubhouse together. We'll be serving pasta or pizzas. This way you don't have to worry about going onto the court with an empty stomache.

Signing up
Fill out the form below as completely as possible. You'll be signing up as a couple which means you'll only have to enter information once. Choose to only sign up for matches (total costs € 30) or include dinner (total costs € 40). Don't forget to tell us your level and experience.