Tennis Selection Program

Tennis Selection Program

Amstelpark Tennis specializes in training young talented tennis players. Our Tennis Selection Program offers talented players the professional training they need to succeed. We focus on tennis, physical conditioning and mental stability training. Our lesson groups are put together based on regional, national and international player's level.

Kids Program Red - 5 through 8 years old
Kids Program Orange - 7 through 11 years old
Kids Program Green - 9 through 13 years old
Selection Program Yellow - 11 through 21 years old

Amstelpark Tennis Selection Program:

+ Complete training programs to international standards (ITF and KNLTB).
+ Amstelpark training staff works closely together with elite international trainers
+ Monitoring of pupils on technical, tactical, physical and mental levels.
+ Programs based on player level and age.
+ Partnerships for mental training, FysioConcept (medical support) and Calandlyceum (high school with a special sport status - LOOT).
+ Amstelpark Tennis Academy offers everything in one place: training, support, education and housing.

Reach the top! All our training programs include everything that's needed to successfully work towards professional tennis goals.

Lesson dates for the selection program

De Amstelpark Selection programs cover 37 weeks and run from October through September

lesson dates Selection

Create your own Yellow program

Players who fit within the Selection Program Yellow, but who are not able or do not want to follow a premade program can opt to put together their own Yellow program by selection the amount of group lesons, private lessons and conditioning lessons they want to follow each week.

Create your own Yellow program

Mental coaching

Amstelpark organises several mental coaching sessions each year for our selection players. These sessions are organised to provide mental coaching guidance by developing and strengthening mental abilities on and off the court. Players who are not part of the selection programs are also eligible for mental training sessions.

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