Racket Toss

Racket Toss

The Toss will start back up again!
Amstelpark will offer a toss on two moments during the week, until the summer vacations on 12 July 2022:

Monday morning (summer):
On Mondays Ilse Puijker will (temporarily) be responsible for the toss
From 11:00-14:00
Members with a Daytime Membership and members with Full Memberships are more than welcome to join.

Wednesday evening (summer):
On Wednesdays Ben Nankoe will be responsible for the toss

If you participate in the toss, it is not possible to play on a member court during the toss. If you do, it means that you cannot participate in the toss anymore. The toss is organized outside,  if it rains we will check an hour before the toss if it is possible to go inside. If that is not possible, the toss will be cancelled and it will be announced on the front page of www.amstelpark.nl.

  • Place your KNLTB member card on the toss table
  • Follow the rules an guidelines that are in effect at the tennis park
  • Follow any directions given by Amstelpark personnel
  • After playing for half an hour please wait a half hour for the next round
  • Pick your KNLTB card back up from the table when you leave or the Toss is finished.
  • In case of bad weather the Toss cannot take place. Check our web page for the status of the outdoor courts