FAQ - competition

When can I sign up for the Spring / Fall KNLTB competition?
Signing up for the Spring competition is possible from November/December. Registrations for the Fall season start from June/July.

Do you also offer competition for children (Red, Orange, Green)
We do offer the following options for children
Red: age 6 through 9
Orange: age 8 through 11
Green: age 10 through 12
KNLTB youth competition (yellow): age 11 through 14 and 13 through 17
These competitions are played in the Spring and Fall

How can I register my child for competition?
Please discuss this with the teacher of your child. He/she will know best what competition to sign up for. Once the right competition is know you can send an email to to register.

Do I need to have a team to sign up for competition?
This is not necessary. If you do not have a team we will try to find a suitable team for you.

What costs are associated with playing Fall or Spring competition?
To participate in the Fall or Spring competiiton, the costs are 40,- per person. Only for members with a Daytime membership who would like to compete during peak hours, the costs contribute €90,- per person.