Amstelpark Clubhouse

Corona Access Ticket
Also for the hospitality industry, the 1.5 meters will expire as of September 25, 2021. However, you will need a corona access ticket to access the hospitality area of Amstelpark. For other functions, such as access to the dressing rooms, a corona access card is not required.

No ticket is required to use the outdoor terrace and to take away food and drinks.

The Amstelpark Clubhouse is "cashless"

In the Amstelpark Clubhouse the options for payment are by bank/debit/credit card or Amstelpark voucher. The reason for this is twofold: it makes paying at Amstelpark safer and more secure and it also allows for more efficient and faster service.

Vanaf 1 maart 2018 zal het niet meer mogelijk zijn om in het clubhuis van Amstelpark met contant geld te betalen. Vanaf dan is het alleen mogelijk om te betalen met pin, creditcard of een tegoedkaart van Amstelpark. Deze verandering wordt doorgevoerd vanuit veiligheidsoverwegingen, maar ook om onze gasten sneller en efficienter te kunnen helpen. Mochten er vragen zijn dan horen wij dat graag.

Everyone is welcome in the Amstelpark Clubhouse. It's a great meeting place for young and old. In the Clubhouse you can enjoy a refreshing drink, great lunch or lovely dinner. The Amstelpark Clubhouse is located at the edge of the Amsterdamse Bos (Amsterdam forest) and has its own private parking lot.

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The Clubhouse overlooks a few of our indoor tennis courts and has a large screen which shows different sporting events all day long. We of course show all the important tennis and other sporting events so that you never have to miss a thing.

Outside you can enjoy the lovely sunshine while overlooking the red clay tennis courts. We've got large umbrellas which comfortably provide some shade when it gets really warm. Hang about in our lounge chairs or take a seat at one of the many tables.

Amstelpark Tennis organises many fun tennis events, competitions and tournaments for tennis lovers. Our bar staff are always ready to serve you before or after your tennis match.

The Amstelpark Clubhouse offers a perfect location for group events including lunch or dinner. Combine this with a tennis clinic or tournament and you have found yourself the best spot for a truly succesful event.