Tennis Lessons

Amstelpark Tennis in Amsterdam offers the best tennis lessons for recreational players in group sessions or 1-on-1. Our professional tennis trainers provide lessons at all ages, for people of all levels. Talented youth players have a chance to enroll in on of the Amstelpark Selection Programs.

Tennis lessons juniors
Tennis lessons adults
Tennis selection program

Group lessons

Lesson groups are put together based on player level to ensure you can play with people of similar skill. The groups either consist of 4 people on 1 court or 8 people on 2 courts. The summer season consists of 17 lessons while the winter season has a total of 22 lessons. Lessons take 50 minutes and you sign up for lessons on a set day and time each week.

Private lessons

Private lessons are ideal for people who seek more personal attention and/or are looking to work on their strokes at a technical level. You can follow a private lesson by yourself or with one other person.

Terms and Conditions

The link below outlines the Terms and Conditions applicable to the tennis lessons

PDF: Terms and Conditions Amstelpark Tennis (lessons and training)