Amstelpark smoke-free

Amstelpark smoke-free

Amstelpark will be completely smoke-free from January 1st 2020

At Amstelpark we think it's really important that everyone gets to enjoy a safe and healthy environment to practice sports in. For that reason we will start doing our part by declaring all of Amstelpark smoke-free from January 1st 2020. This applies to all forms of smoking including e-cigarettes.

Why do we choose to be smoke-free?
It is important that we set a good example for our children. When kids see others smoke they may start regarding it as normal and possibly even attractive. This is certainly the case when the smokers are people they look up to like athletes, coaches, parents and other adults. Practicing sports is supposed to be healthy, while (second-hand) smoking is damaging to your health. Smoking and playing sports are therefore completely non-compatible. 

Everyone is welcome at Amstelpark
From January 1st 2020 Amstelpark wil be completely smoke-free. Everyone remains welcome at Amstelpark of course. This goes for smokers as well. We will therefore create a designated smoking spot just outside the entrance to the park. This way we can keep all of Amstelpark, including the terrace, the courts and all the space around it, completely smoke-free without alienating those who wish to smoke.

a Smoke-free Generation
The movement ‘op weg naar een Rookvrije Generatie’ (On our way to a smoke-free generation) works towards a society in which children are protected from exposure to tobacco smoke and the temptation to start smoking. Every day hundreds of children become addicted to smoking. Every child this happens to is one child too many. It's our mission to completely abolish the temptation for children to start smoking. In order to do that we need to set a good example for all children and make their surroundings as smoke-free as possible. The sports club is a very important place for children while growing up. Therefore a smoke-free Amstelpark contributes to the realisation of a smoke-free generation.

We hope that you will help us in creating a safe and healthy environment for all of our members and visitors.