Triple Double Competition

Triple Double Competition 2020

Padel competition on 5 Sundays in March and April

Would you like to play padel competition for Amstelpark in April and May of this year? Sign up as a team for the KNLTB Padel Triple Double Competition. Will you represent Amstelpark in a team of 3 players?

Competition setup

  • Three players per team
  • Three matches per match day: Players A and B, B and C and A and C play a match
  • This means every player plays two matches on a matchday
  • The team that wins two sets wins the match. At 1-1 in sets a deciding super tiebreak (play till 10 points) is played. The winner of the super tiebreak wins the match.
  • A win earns you 1 point
  • Women and Men play with and against each other or mixed

Matches are played on the following Sundays (home matches always start at 2pm)

April: 11, 18 and 25
2 and 16
Make up days: 24 and 30 May

The fee to participate in this competition is € 80 per person. This includes new balls during home matches.


Please note! The form below can also be used to sign up for the regular Padel Competition. This is a different competition from the Triple Double Competition.