Triple Double Competition

Triple Double Competition 2020

Padel competition on 5 Sundays in March and April

The KNLTB has decided to cancel the Triple Double Competition fully. This is the direct result of the measures the Dutch government has put in place in order to fight the coronavirus outbreak. Those who have signed up to represent Amstelpark Padel in this competition, will receive an email from us in the week of March 22nd.


Would you like to play padel competition for Amstelpark in March and April of this year? Sign up as a team for the KNLTB Padel Triple Double Competition. Will you represent Amstelpark in a team of 3 players?

Competition setup

  • Three players per team
  • Three matches per match day: Players A and B, B and C and A and C play a match
  • This means every player plays two matches on a matchday
  • The team that wins two sets wins the match. At 1-1 in sets a deciding super tiebreak (play till 10 points) is played. The winner of the super tiebreak wins the match.
  • A win earns you 1 point
  • Women and Men play with and against each other or mixed

Matches are played on the following Sundays (home matches always start at 2pm)

March: 29
April: 5, 12, 19 and 26
Make up days: 3 and 10 May

The fee to participate in this competition is € 240 per team. This includes new balls during home matches.

We have reached the maximum amount of teams and players.