Padel lesson for tennis players

Padel lesson for tennis players

Tuesday evening March 26th or Thursday evening March 28th

Especially for tennis player who are following tennis lessons with us this winter season (2018-2019), we have planned 2 evenings on which we like to invite you to join us for a fun padel lesson.

Padel is in many ways quite similar to tennis, which means you will probably pick up the skill quite quickly. Technically, padel isn't nearly as difficult to master as tennis is. Why don't you come and experience it for yourself and join us for a padel lesson on Tuesday March 26th or Thursday March 28th. On both evenings the lessons will take place between 19:00 - 22:00h.

Play with your tennis buddies
Wouldn't it be fun to take this padel lesson with the people you are following tennis lessons with. Just let us know their names on the sign up form and we can put you all together.

 Costs: € 12,50 per person

You will be scheduled for one 50-minute lesson between 19:00 - 22:00h on they you have indicated you are available.

Sign up
Use the form below. We need a separate sign up form from each player that wants to participate. Please indicate the names of the people you would like to do the lesson with. Make sure to ask them to sign up as well.

Voornaam / First name
Achternaam / Surname
Telefoon / Phone
Beschikbaarheid (vink aan) / Availability (check all that apply)

Tennis niveau
Padel niveau / Padel level
Ik wil samen spelen met (volledige namen) / I want to play together with (full names)
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