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Full Membership

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With the Amstelpark Tennis Club Full Membership you can play tennis on our high quality red clay outdoor tennis courts for the period of 1 year (1 April - 31 March). You can play every day on the club clay courts. If you want to introduce a friend he/she pays half of the court price while you as a member play for free.

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Full Membership: € 299 per year - period April 1st through March 31st

Click here for the Tennis Club Amstelpark Terms and Conditions,

+ Play on our outdoor courts throughout the year as long as the weather permits
+ Make online reservations to book a club court
+ Move indoors in case of bad weather conditions if and when courts are available (no pre-booking allowed). This is free during the summer season (April through September). You will be charged half of the court rental price during the winter season (October through March)
+ Participate for free in the Wednesday evening (racket) TOSS, club tournaments, (some) competitions and other fun activities during the summer season (April through September).
+ Play official tournaments with your KNLTB (Dutch Tennis Federation) Membership number.
+ Represent Amstelpark as a member of one of our Club Competition teams.

Aankomende evenementen

23-27 October

Tennis camp Fall break

Each Fall break Amstelpark organises a fun and exciting tennis camp for kids between the ages of 5 and 17. Five great days with professional coaches and lots of tennis fun give your child an experience to remember.

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1 oktober

Start winter lessons

The winter season is the perfect time to work on your tennis game. Join us at Amstelpark for weekly lessons. You're able to choose group lessons with people of your own lesson, or elect to follow private lessons one-on-one with a coach.

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