Junior Spring Competition

Junior Spring Competition

At T.C. Amstelpark we think it is really important that kids get to play as many matches as possible in a team setting. For that reason Amstelpark participates in the KNLTB Spring Competition with as many teams as possible. By playing competition matches kids start enjoying their tennis even more. They learn to play matches as part of a team and they get into contact with other kids playing at different tennis clubs.

Membership T.C. Amstelpark
Each child that wants to take part in the KNLTB Spring Competition needs a membership. Use the button below.


Competitions and Age ruling 2022

T.C. Amstelpark takes part in the Kia Tenniskids Competitie  in Red, Orange and Green and the KNLTB Junioren Competition age 11-14 and age 13-17. Through the form a the the bottom of this page you can sign up for the Spring Competition 2022. Click on the link below for more information regarding the age ruling the KNLTB uses.

KNLTB age ruling

The fee to participate in the Spring Competition is €40,- per child per competition. Payment is done by withdrawal authorization.

Match dates
Kids should be available a minimum of 6 out of 7 times during the competition. As a tennis club we want to avoid situations where we don't show up with enough players. This is not fun for the kids who do show up and definitely not fair to our opponents.

Match dates Junior Spring Competition 2022

The different competitions

More information about the different junior competitions can be found through the links below. This gives you a good overview of what each competition entails.

Kia Tenniskids competition (general information Red, Orange and Green competition)

Red competition

Orange competition

Green competition

KNLTB Junioren Competitie (age 11-14 and 13-17)

From January you can sign-up for the Junior Spring Competition by sending an email to tennis@amstelpark.nl