Corporate tennis

Corporate tennis

Amstelpark Tennis in Amsterdam is the destination for your corporate tennis event. Whether you are looking for a place your employees can come together and enjoy a fun time on the tennis court, want to square off against business partners, or in search of a tennis clinic and/or tournament, Amstelpark is the place for you and your company.

All tennis activities at Amstelpark can be easily combined with a company meeting, lunch, dinner or any of the services offered by Spa Sport Hotel Zuiver. Combinations with squash, personal training, teambuilding activities can be set-up without a problem. Amstelpark Tennis and Spa Sport Hotel Zuiver work together to create memorable events for your company and its personnel. Almost everything is possible and we guarantee the best service for organizing your company tennis event

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Aankomende evenementen

August 11th

Friends Tournament

Gather your friends and get ready for a fun night of tennis! Compete with 3 of your best mates against other friend squads. It's a fun-first evening where you get to show what you and your crew can do!

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1 oktober

Start winter lessons

The winter season is the perfect time to work on your tennis game. Join us at Amstelpark for weekly lessons. You're able to choose group lessons with people of your own lesson, or elect to follow private lessons one-on-one with a coach.

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