Corona Update

Corona Update

UPDATE 07-05-2020 10:30

In the nationally televised press conferen on May 6th, the prime minister announced that everyone will be allowed to play tennis again outdoors from May 11th 2020. We will of course all still have to abide by a set of strict rules to make this possible, including the 1.5 meter distancing and staying at home with symptoms.

At Amstelpark we got to work immediately to get everything ready for May 11th. However, we do need some time to get everything set up. Members and those who have signed up for tennis lessons can expect an email from us shortly. We like to ask everyone for their patience as we are getting ready. Please do not call us right away as we are very busy preparing for Monday the 11th. We are working hard to make member reservation, regular court rentals and lessons possible again. No later than this weekend will everything be ready for the start of the summer season. Keep your eye on this page for more updates.

UPDATE 22-04-2020 15:21

We are incredibly happy that we are able to start making first steps towards 'normal' again at Amstelpark. Yesterday, Tuesday April 21st, the Dutch prime minister announced in his press conference that children up to the age of 18 will soon be allowed to start practicing their sport again in the open air. This means that we at Amstelpark can finally start up the 2020 summer season for youth tennis lessons starting Wednesday April 29th. The Dutch national tennis federation (KNLTB) is currently hard at work to create protocols and toolkist based on the measures set forth by the Dutch government. We will use these protocols as the basis for how we operate in this new situation.

As soon as there is any movement in regards to the government's stance on opening up sports clubs for adults, we will of course undertake immediate action there as well. In the meantime, sports clubs are prohibited from opening up their facilities to adults until at least May 20th 2020. We know how much everyone would love to come to Amstelpark to play tennis again, but more patience from adult players is unfortuntely still required. We are just really excited to at least be able to open up our outdoor courts to children again.

Tennis lessons youth - summer 2020
Kids who have signed up for tennis lessons at Amstelpark for the summer season 2020 will receive a first email about the start of tennis lessons no later than tomorrow, Thursday April 23rd. Kids who haven't yet signed up for lessons are more than welcome to still do so. We'd love to have you with us this summer. Sign up here.

UPDATE 01-04-2020 09:32

On Tuesday March 31st, the Dutch prime minister announced in a press conference that all measures in effect until April 6th 2020, have been extended through Tuesday April 28th 2020. This means that Spa Sport Hotel Zuiver and Amstelpark Tennis will remain closed through at least Tuesday April 28th 2020. There will be no access to our facilities and we will not be able to offer our services until at least that date. The health and safety of our members, guests, employees and visitors remain our top priorities.

UPDATE 26-03-2020 13:58

On Wednesday March 25th, we sent out an email to all members of T.C. Amstelpark with important information about their membership. The email can be read on our website as well

Click here for the web version of this email

UPDATE 20-03-2020 14:31h

We are receiving quite some questions from T.C. Amstelpark members about their membership. We have created a page where we answer the questions we hear most frequently

FAQ T.C. Amstelpark memberships

UPDATE 15-03-2020 17:57h

Spa Sport Hotel Zuiver will close its doors effective immediately as a direct result of the coronavirus outbreak. This includes all facilities of Spa Sport Hotel Zuiver as well as Amstelpark. We will be closed through April 6th 2020.

During the press conference earlier today, March 15th 2020, these nationwide measures were declared and decreed by the Dutch minister of Public Health, Bruno Bruins. The health and safety of our guests and employees remains our top priority. We will inform our guests who have reservations with us in the period up until April 6th 2020 as soon as operationally possible.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. We hope to welcome you again to our facilities after April 6th 2020. In the meantime, please stay safe and take good care of yourself and each other.

UPDATE 12-03-2020 16:30h

We keep a close eye on the developments concerning the recent outbreak of the coronavirus. The health a safety of our guests and employees remain our top priorities. We follow the guidelines set forth by the RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) to battle the spread of the virus. Based on that, we have decided the following:

  • Our company consists of a great many spaces like restaurants, saunas, baths, relaxing rooms, gym- and group lesson areas, hotel rooms, tennis halls, squash and padel courts, etc. None of these spaces can house more than the prescribed maximum capacity of 100 persons at the same time. The size of the buildings allows for maximum dispersion of guests. In cases where the stream of visitors has to managed, we will do so accordingly.
  • In case you display any of the known symptoms (coughing, sneezing, respiratory complications and/or fever), we will deny you acccess to our facilities. We hereby expect the continued sense of responsibility of all of our guests and employees. Our employees are also ordered to stay at home in case they show any symptoms.

At this moment, we see no reason to close any of our facilities. We would like to re-enforce that entry to any of our facilities remains at your own risk and responsibility.

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