Manage your club life with your smartphone

At Amstelpark we believe it is very important that each member can make full use of their membership. For that reason we have developed the T.C. Amstelpark ClubApp, which will improve you club life drastically.

Below we highlight the major features of the app and how to use them. But first it's good for you to know how to go about downloading the app and creating an account.

 Download the ClubApp
In order to use the ClubApp you need a valid membership with T.C. Amstelpark and a smartphone which runs on either Android or IOS

Android - Google Play link

IOS (Apple) - App Store link

Create an account and log in
When you have downloaded the ClubApp you will need to create an account. It's important that you use the email address which is known in our system. Once you're logged in you will find T.C. Amstelpark among your memberships.

PLEASE NOTE!! Within the ClubApp there is an option to look at a list of Amstelpark members. Only the profiles of those who have created a ClubApp account will be visible to users of the app. When you download the app and create an account, your profile will become visible in this app as well. Your profile shows your phote (if submitted), phone number, email address and age. It is possible to adjust what is shown to your own preferences. In order to do so you will need an account on This is the account with which you currently make your online court bookings. If you don't know your password on click on "nieuw wachtwoord aanvragen"  to request a new password and fill in the same email address as the one you used for your ClubApp account. Once logged into you can adjust you preferences under "Privacy instellingen". The adjustment will be visible the next day.

Modules in the app

The versatile T.C. Amstelpark ClubApp has a bunch of very handy modules  that offer our members some great options. Below we highlight the most iimportant ones.

Book a court (member courts)
The Book a court module allows you to quickly reserve a member court (the plus sign on the Home page gives you access to this module as well). Choose who you want to play with, pick a date and time and confirm the booking in the app. When you come to the clubhouse all you have to do is swipe your KNLTB member card through our planboard on the wall.

The calendar shows all the upcoming event organised bij Amstelpark. You'll find links to all the events for easy registration and participation. As the season progresses we add more and more events to the calendar for you to join.

The calendar icon right below your name and photo in the menu of the app gives access to a list of alle the planned events. You may prefer this view over the calendar view on the Calendar page of the app.

Find a buddy
On the Home page you will find a red button with a plus sign. Under this button you will find the option to Find a buddy. Let others know your availability and search for players who are also looking for someone to play with. The contact information of the person will be shown so that you can contact them quickly and easily.

Club news
In this section you will find the latest news regarding Amstelpark Tennis. You will also find announcements of events and tournaments here. An easy way to keep up to date about what's going on in the club.

The ClubApp also provides access to Mijn KNLTB which shows you information about competition, which matches you are scheduled to play and which tournaments you have signed up for.

Members list
The members list let's you quickly find other member of T.C. Amstelpark who have downloaded the ClubApp.

Website and social media
In the menu of the app you will find links to our website and social media accounts. Find all the information you need on tennis lessons, memberships, court rental, competitions and tournaments by visiting our website. Check our latest post on Facebook and Instagram.

Share your moment
Did you play a great match at Amstelpark or take part in a fun tournament? Why don't you share your moment with other users of the app? Click on Share your moment in the menu and write a fun report about your time at Amstelpark. Feel free to add some pictures as well to show others how much fun you had.

If you have question about the ClubApp please feel free to contact us by mail. We are open to feedback and suggestion of how we can make the app even better for you.