address Koenenkade 8 - 1081 KH - Amsterdam
telephone +31 20 3010 715


Amstelpark Tennis Academy in Amsterdam offers the best tennis lessons for recreational players in group sessions or 1-on-1. Our professional tennis trainers provide lessons at all ages, for people of all levels. The lesson groups are put together based on level to ensure that you are always joined by players of your level. 

Lessons are offered in groups of four people on one court or eight people on two. Your lesson will take place at the same day and time weekly. The summer season starts April 7th and runs for a total of 17 lesson weeks 

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Course for beginners – for adults without experience

If you have never had tennis lessons before this is the course for you. This course will teach you the basics of tennis including all the rules, so that you will have successfully learned all the basic strokes by the end of the season. 

Course for intermediate players- for adults with at least 1 season of experience

Continue to improve your game after a season of beginner classes or pick up playing tennis again after some years of inactivity 

Course for advanced players (level 7-8) - for adults with several seasons of experience

Player who have several seasons of experience and are familiar with playing matches  can sign-up for this course

Course for match players (level 5-6) – for adults with a lot of match experience at level 5-6

Players at level 5-6 have a great command of all the strokes and play matches regularly at a good level

Courses for match players (level 3-4) – for adults at the highest recreational level 3-4

Players at level 3-4 master the game of tennis at the highest competitive recreational level with lots of experience

Private lessons – for adults of each level – max 2 persons

For more individual attention to develop specific strokes/skills, private tennis lessons are ideal to make progress quickly. Available at all levels