address Koenenkade 8 - 1081 KH - Amsterdam
telephone +31 20 3010 715

Amstelpark Tennis Academy


Each year Amstelpark Tennis Academy organizes a variety of tennis tournaments and competitions for players of all different levels. Our Junior Selection Program players can participate in the official KNLTB (Dutch Tennis Federation) Club Competition. For Juniors that are part of our Talent Program and Selection Program we organize the Mini Competition and the Internal Youth Competition. In the last week of the year two official KNLTB youth tournaments are organized and in week 27 Amstelpark hosts the Tennis Europe under 14 Tournament for top international juniors.

Adults who follow tennis lessons at Amstelpark Tennis Academy are invited to participate in two ATA Doubles Tournaments each season. There’s also the Amstelpark Open Tournament in week 37 for anyone who has a KNLTB membership (either with Amstelpark or any other club in the country).